Mortgages in Slovakia

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Slovakian Mortgage Finance Factfile

: Purchases & Re-mortgaging
: From 4.94%
: £20,000
: No maximum
: Up to 30 years
: 65
: 80%
: Arrangement fees typically 1%


Mortgages in Slovakia are available to non residents looking to buy completed properties. Before lending, banks will look at your Debt to Income ratio (DTI) which is typically 35%.

The amount offered to individuals is calculated by subtracting 35% (and any other loan or mortgage repayments) from their net income.

For example if your net income is £2000 per month, your DTI will be £700 minus mortgage of £400 will leave £300 per month to service your mortgage.


The costs for setting up a Slovakian mortgage are typically 1% of the loan amount and interest rates follow the variable rate so can change every 3 months.

Application process

Once Frontiers Financial Services have submitted your mortgage application to the Slovakian bank you will be assigned a member of our after sales team who will liaise with bank and give you regular updates on your mortgage application.