Advice and Options

Overseas mortgages have been available for the foreign investor for some time in developed countries such as France & Spain. As these markets have become more saturated however, and capital growth reached its peak, increased numbers of investors are looking at countries considered to be emerging. Such countries are usually defined by low property prices with potential for high capital growth. Frontiers Financial Services have acknowledged this shift in demand and can now offer investors finance in countries where mortgage availability for the foreign investor was previously extremely limited. The list of countries where finance is available is growing at such a rate that it is hard to keep this website fully up to date, therefore please do not hesitate to contact us even if the country you are interested in is not listed.
We understand that sometimes the best way to purchase your overseas property is to release capital tied up in your home or your existing portfolio of properties in the UK. We have teamed up with trusted companies that can help with mortgage portfolio management so that you can maximise your investments with the best interest rates and maximum borrowings whilst at the same time maintaining a healthy balance so that your cash flow remains positive. If you are considering re-financing your home in order to make that first step into overseas property then our partners will listen carefully and provide high levels of advise so that you fully understand the processes. Please contact us so that we can advise on the options available to you.
We have teamed up with some of the leading companies that offer insurance for overseas property. In many cases, whilst it may be a requirement by the banks that your property is covered against fire, accidental damage or even earth quake, it can sometimes be harder to obtain a policy to protect your personal possessions in the event of a disaster. We though, are able to obtain quotes and find the best policy to suit your needs. Whilst this is something that is often overlooked by other firms such as seo company new york, our partners will ensure you have the peace of mind that things are being fully taken care of and that all policies are written in clear English.
With the world's currency markets constantly changing, this is one area that often gets left to the last minute and you can suddenly find that currency rates have shifted and you end up paying more for your property than you originally thought. As a result we have teamed up with a provider that can give rates far in excess of what your normal bank could offer, who absorb all costs involved in the transaction without charging commission. This enables our clients to purchase currency when they feel the rates are good so that when it comes to paying for your property you have no nasty shocks. It is even possible to pay a holding fee on a rate for a planned date in the future. If the rate changes for the better you can still choose to take the new rate, whilst if the rates go the other way then you will have the peace of mind that your purchase price hasn't changed. Please contact us for more details.